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Published on Thursday, 25 April 2013 07:56
Somarathne D 410px 24 03 13Director of the"Siri Parakum" movie Mr. Somarathna Dissanayaka says that the limit imposed by the Chairman of the Film corporation according to a decision of Colombo District court, that the minimum amount of copies of a movie should not exceed 35, would not be valid on his movie.
Mr Dissanayaka made this remark at a media briefing held yesterday (24) at Colombo Light house hotel.

He further said that 50 copies of the movie will be issued.

He pointed out that the movie was produced before the law came in to effect and thus bear no legal barrios.
Producer and the production manager of the movie Ms Renuka Balasuriya said that that the allegations made upon them that they are skipping the line and screening the movies, is totally untrue.
She explained that she produces a movie with a prepared time frame in which the screening dates are decided even before the shooting starts.


Last Updated on Thursday, 25 April 2013 07:56

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