DCD in 5 brands of imported milk powder

Published on Wednesday, 22 May 2013 13:35

Milk 410px 13-05-13Internal sources of Food Control Administration Unit attached to the Health Ministry states that a previous report has confirmed that 5 brands of milk powder contains the poisonous substance Dycianamide (DCD) despite the World Health Organization (WHO) confirming that milk powder imported to Sri Lanka does not contain this poisonous substance. 

Food Control Administration Unit of the Health Ministry had inquired regarding percentages of the particular toxic substance from the WHO.

In response, the WHO has said that the amounts of DCD found in milk powder in Sri Lanka was minimal to be considered harmful for humans.

However, The Agriculture Minister Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena had previously instructed the Consumer Affairs Authority to conduct immediate investigations on the imported milk powder.

The report on the milk powder sample sent to Singapore confirmed that the particular sample consisted of DCD and a copy of the report has been forwarded to Food Control Administration Unit through the Health Ministry.

According to the analysis report received from Singapore ‘ Lakspray ‘ contains 15.17% of DCD, ‘Ratthi’ 7.42%, Maliban 0.46%, Anchor 0.43% and Nespray 0.36%, reported internal sources of Health Ministry.

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